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        首頁 > 常見問題如何辨別候選人是否有跳槽的意愿?
        來源:http://www.ljinlabs.com 發布人:admin 日期:2023-11-28
        A significant factor and prerequisite for headhunting consultants to be able to find candidates is that the candidates themselves have a willingness to change jobs. If the candidates have no intention of changing jobs, it is difficult for headhunters to persuade them to do so?
        Frequently updating resumes online
        There are many sources for headhunters to search for candidates, and one important channel is recruitment websites. When professionals want to take the initiative to change jobs, they often update their resumes online, so headhunters should also spend some time browsing major recruitment websites and not miss useful information. Candidates who actively update their resumes indicate that they are ready for job hopping and wait for companies or headhunters to contact them.
        Candidates have a passionate attitude towards headhunting
        獵頭尋找候選人的方法還是傳統的途徑比較多一點,那就是那大量的cold call。在cold call中,獵頭顧問可以從電話里判斷出候選人的態度。由于候選人來源不同,遇到的情況也各不相同。但是只要候選人的態度不那么惡劣,沒有提出明確的拒絕,甚有的候選人還很熱情,這就說明候選人,已經對職位感興趣了,只需要獵頭顧問再“加一把火”,就會有很大的概率獵取成功。
        The traditional way for headhunters to find candidates is a bit more, which is through a large number of cold calls. In cold calls, headhunting consultants can determine the candidate's attitude from the phone. Due to different sources of candidates, the situations encountered are also different. But as long as the candidate's attitude is not so bad, they have not made a clear rejection, and some candidates are even very enthusiastic, it indicates that the candidate is already interested in the position. Just add a little more fire from the headhunting consultant, and there is a high probability of success in the search.
        With the continuous development of the headhunting industry in recent years, many people have developed a correct understanding of headhunting and realized that headhunting is an industry that benefits the public. Under normal circumstances, if a candidate receives a headhunting phone call with a good attitude and confirms the next contact time, such a candidate is likely to have a chance. As for whether it can be won, it depends on the headhunter's personal skills. Of course, the candidates who are highly valued by headhunters are already a minority group, and there are only a few who need to switch jobs throughout the year. Headhunters inevitably encounter obstacles during the hunting process, and they need to have a strong heart.
        The candidate is more proactive
        Another situation is that when a headhunter contacts a candidate, the candidate may hang up the phone after briefly saying a few words for other reasons. Just when the headhunter thought it was hopeless, he suddenly received a call from the candidate saying, "There won't be anyone left. What good positions are there? Tell me in detail!" or the candidate was busy at the time and said he would call you back when he was done, which usually indicates that there was a chance. Although this situation is not common, if it occurs, it indicates that the candidate really needs headhunting services, and headhunters need to seize it well.
        With the summary above from Jinan Headhunting Company, we hope it can be helpful to our customers. If you have any questions or need help, please click on our website: http://www.ljinlabs.com Or call to inquire, we will do our best to solve it for you
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